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My programs are specially curated for working professionals over the age of 30 who are looking to improve their overall health and fitness through a natural and holistic approach that emphases diet and exercise.

My approach incorporates elements of ancestral diet, time-restricted eating, and bodyweight exercises (calisthenics) to get leaner, build muscle, and gain confidence.

All of my product offerings are capped at 25 slots to ensure that you receive the level of attention and detail that you deserve as a paying member of the tribe.



Holistic nutrition and bodyweight fitness program specifically curated to help you get leaner, stronger, and healthier in 12 weeks

  • Fast track your way to a healthier lifestyle

  • Melt away body fat and build lean muscle mass

  • Calibrate your diet for optimal metabolic health

  • Improve your self-image and confidence

  • Build winning daily health habits

  • Sharpen your mind, body, and spirit

Program is invite-only. Click the button below to apply. 



1-on-1 coaching to get the detailed insights, knowledge, and personalized advice that is curated just for you and your goals

  • Get no-BS knowledge and tips to elevate your fitness 

  • Have an accountability partner to keep you focused

  • Gain clarity on what does and doesn't work

  • Receive motivation and encouragement

Program is invite-only. Click the button below to apply. 

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