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Mini-Training: Ancestral Diet 101

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This course will provide you a quick overview of the principles of ancestral eating. Ancestral eating is an eating protocol that aligns with the eating habits of prehistoric humans as well as modern hunting and gathering peoples. The premise behind it is that over the past several thousand years, and especially in the past 200 years, food processing has become more prevalent to the point where much of what we eat is far removed from its natural state. Ancestral eating attempts to be more intentional with how we eat, and to eat in the way our bodies were designed to. If I had to provide on brief explanation of the foods that align with the ancestral eating diet, it would be: “The ancestral diet consists of a balanced assortment of foods and ingredients that can be procured directly from the earth or water through hunting, fishing, and foraging, and consumed with very minimal processing such as cooking or fermentation.” The benefits of the ancestral diet are far-ranging, but in short, eating an ancestral diet helps to minimize inflammation, improve metabolic health, boos immunity, strengthen gut health, and more. In addition to this, ancestral eating naturally promotes fat loss and muscle growth due to the focus on nutrient-dense foods.

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